The Great Plain


We don't wear borrowed plumes

(Lake Tisza, Heves and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county)

The water-ways of the Lake Tisza are full of suprises. If you take part in a 25-kilometre long boat tour, you will hear dozens of  interesting stories from your knowledgeable guide about the almost 200 different bird species, mammals and water-plants of the national park and nature reserve. You can get acquainted with the habitat, hunting-fields and eating habits of the animals living here.

Puszta - the largest continuous natural grassland in Europe
(Nagyiván, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county)

Nagyiván is the only real "puszta" village. It is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the alkaline soil of the Hortobágy National Park. It has no railway station or crossing roads and the closest towns, Karcag and Tiszafüred are about 25-30 kilometres away. Those who long to be close to nature won't mind this little detour. The settlement can be reached on an access road from Tiszaörs which is easy to reach from Tiszafüred on road Nr. 34. Inn "Görbe" (crooked) gives us an idea of what the roadside hostelries in the 19th century looked like.  Highwaymen still drop by sometimes. By jeep.


It is all grist to their mill
(Túristvándi, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county)

In Túristvándi, on the bank of the River Túr in beautiful natural environent, there is a working water mill built in the 13th century and regarded as a monument of the industrial history. Built on the river Túr this wooden mill has 2 wheels and a shingled roof and there is an exhibition inside about the history of the milling-industry. And top of all that you can watch the mill in operation. 

In vino veritas (Hajós, Bács-Kiskun county)

Hajós is a village south-east of Kalocsa and is Europe's largest cellar village. Almost 1300 wine cellars and some so-called cellar apartments are waiting for the fans of the wine tourism that is becoming more & more fashionable here. You can stroll for hours and hours among the various cottages that hide hundreds of barrels. It is recommended to  take a rest while walking to get to know the content of the barrels as well... The locals are mostly ethnic Germans and back in the day men often volunteered to carry large bags of potatoes to the cellar and they told their women that the potatoes would gain a special flavour  if stored down there.

Pick your own favourite beach

It is foolish to always stay on the same beach and not to explore others. If there is such a big supply, please enjoy the variety. One of the nicest and cleanest beaches belongs to the holiday resort of Tiszanána in Dinnyéshát. It has officially been named "dream-beach"  with its yacht pier and colourful beach huts. Small islands have been created in the lake in front of the beach for sun lovers who can get there on hand ferries.  The beach of Poroszló is ideal for families with small children because its water gets warm quickly and deepens gradually. The beach of Sarud can be very attractive for those who appreciate the pure naturalness instead of  artificial circumstances. Nagykörű is best known for its large sandy beach. Abádszalók  is particularly popular among the youth because of its bustling social life.

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