Northern Transdanubia


Who was Joe the Sour?

The 2-kilometre long and deep valley of the Gaja stream with its small waterfall near the village of Jásd is worth visiting. Here in the valleyside there is a cave named after Joe the Sour and you can also study travertine formations here. Do you want to know who this Joe guy was? He was a highwayman who lived in the forests of the Bakony hills. Our Joe started his professional career by stealing sheep. As the authorities of the time didn't approve of his behaviour, he instantly became an outlow. At the end of the 19th century he went into hiding in the Bakony forests and hid in cracks in cliffs. It was rather easy for him as he was only 159 cm tall. He couldn't avoid getting caught and spent 20 years in various prisons.
The green life of the Narancsik family

In the heart of the Bakony hills, in a village called Németbánya lives the Narancsik family whose farm gates are wide open to everybody. The story of the intellectual couple starts in the city where they lived with their two children. Having spent their student days in various green movements, they decided to undertake the eco principles and simple village traditions for a lifetime and opened the Moo-Calf Yard. They are happy to involve their guests in the everyday life of their organic farm. You can try feeding and milking and see how cheese is produced. They are open to discuss their work and appreciate their guests' comments and remarks. If you live in a city with your children and have no relatives living in the countryside, then there is certainly a lot to show around here to keep the kids occupied. Pleasant hosts and a pleasant environment.

Put your hiking boots on when going to Zirc!

If you want to see the nicest view of Zirc, the so-called capital of Bakony, climb up to the highest point of the Szesztra-mountain. Look towards the Cistercian Abbey! It is a sight for the gods! The zero milestone is not only in Adam Clark square in Budapest, but also in the centre of Zirc. Select a touring route with the blue, red, yellow or green sign at the so-called zero mile boot and get to the most beautiful parts of the Bakony hills. Please leave your car behind and use the most simple and healthiest means of transport: your legs.

Biking around the lake (Lake Fertő)

Biking around Lake Fertő is an excellent family program and it doesn't matter if you're an insecure beginner or a confident professional. The ground is enjoyable for everyone with only slight slopes on the western short. Since it is the most important  vehicle around here, bicycles can be rented in many places. The total length of bicycle routes near the lake is 410 km. Most of them are closed off from traffic. Cycling is not the only source of experience around here. You can choose from many programmes and cultural events and the landscape is breathtaking. 


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