Lake Balaton


The scone of Széplak (Somogy county)

Probably the most delicious bread scone of the southern part of the Lake can be bought in Széplakfelső, in Hungária street. This Hungarian specialty is fried in oil and called "lángos". Snoop around and you will surely find the house! Look into the kitchen through the opened window and you can see how the Hungarian women have been frying the scones for ages. Try their pancake as well, you wont't be disappointed!

Do you appreciate a stunning vista? (Veszprém county)

Then go to Alsóörs to the lookout tower (Cserehegyi)! Many years ago it was burnt down by drunks on New Year's Eve and its wooden elements went to rack and ruin. In the gallery of the rebuilt tower  an exhibition has been set up where works of painters inspired by the Lake Balaton are on display. From the top of the lookout tower you can gaze in wonder at the lake with Tihany-Peninsula and some settlements such as Balatonfűzfő and Veszprém. 

Welcome to the Buffalo Farm! (Zala county)

The buffalo reservation in Kápolnapuszta offers a fascinatig and unique experience. 250 buffalos live here as indigenous animals. If you wish to see the robust animals whose lives seem to be quite free, walk along the one and a half kilometre long foot path with rest places and a lookout tower. 


A dozen notable places and stream of ideas
in no particular order

Cellar Söptei near Csopak has a very good kitchen. You can drink  fresh grape juice made without  preservatives all year round! It is a hidden, top secret tip!
• There is an inn (csárda in Hungarian) called Koloska by Csopak and Arács in the woods with excellent kitchen and Gipsy music in the evenings. The Koloska Valley itself (blue blaze) is a fine hiking route. It is a magnificent  experience to have lunch in the middle of the woods under the open sky. While parents wait for lunch to be served, kids can play with pebble stones on the bank of the brook.
• To enhance culinary delights you should stop at the Szent Donát Winehouse.  A full belly and an unmatched panorama is guaranteed!
• If you are in the  Puppet Museum  in Tihany and want to see some "high society" holiday residences, go further in the direction of Balatonfüred. You will find Óvár, a place that is basically two parallel  dead end streets. One of the mansions here has its own landing place for helicopter. Jealous people should skip this program.
• Near Zánka it is really worth turning off the main road and going along the Káli basin, because you must see all of the villages here! There are not too many of them.
Salföld in the Káli basin is also something unique. The Gallery "Pajta" at the brink of the village is an inn with rooms. On the nature preservation farm at the end of the village  there are some horse carriages to rent. As a romantic and brain relaxing treatment we suggest you to carry out to the ruines of the neighbouring closter.
• Other amazing places to visit: stones of Szentbékkálla, Nagykopasz hill (Mindszentkálla) and geological formations of Hegyestű (Monoszló).

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