GoTrabiGo programs

Trabant Van Gogh

Guests will be devided into teams and the first task is to prepare their cars for the Trabant beauty contest, for this they will get enought paint, brushes, protective clothing, masks and other accessories. Guests will get white Trabants instead of the white cenvas. All the white Trabies waiting for beautiful badywork pictures made by their occasional painters. The musical painting program can be completed with other elements, like Trabant molding from clain, Retro beauty and dance competition Trabant puzzle etc...

Crazy Trabant Race

With a pre-made map the Teams have to find different stations where they have to carry out a selection of tasks all these driven by there own cars.

- Slide on ice simulator
- Trabant puzzle
- Trabant stuffing
- Flinstone Trabi
- Board-rally

For the completed tasks Teams will get points. The points will be important at the end.

City rally

After a short „Trabant driving advice” You can start the Budapest city rally. Discover the city with exiting experiences and  Trabant games. With ten coached and spectaculear car „rush” can be start.

Extreme Trabant Experiences

The Teams have the potential to choose extreme Trabant experiences for both programs.
Icy road feeling with slide on ice simulator trabi. Spinning is guaranteed.
Tha flinstone trabi has no wheels – so passangers should carry it.

Trabant to board...

If You already know how many packages fit on a track You also could try how many people can fit into a Trabant...
And when the car broke down and there is no one for ask help. But there are a few good friends who help to push the car throught obstacle course.

Trabant in mud

Here is the excellent opportunity to wallow in mud!
The task is nothing more than mud the white Trabies. The Teams after the race as fast as they can mude the Trabies. The fastest Team wins the race.
But the job doesn't end here, becauce the paint need clean cars. In this will help us the fire engene using high-pressure in secounds clean the cars.

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