Abacus Event Centre Herceghalom



The newest event centre of Central Hungary is located in the westernmost gate of Pest County, just a 15-minute drive from Budapest, surrounded by the villages of Etyek, Herceghalom and Biatorbágy. Abacus Event Centre has been called into being by the inspiration of special experiences, professionalism of event organizing, the 21st century art of trend-creating and its environmental opportunities, unique in Hungary.

This special indoor-outdoor green area event centre is a perfect location for those partners, seeking creative and high-quality entertainment, because here they can find rustic atmosphere as well as event rooms of 1,110 and 150 square metres in size, altogether 17,000 square metre interactive game-field, café, labyrinth, and sports fields. The Event Centre is capable of housing events for ten, as well as ten thousand participants.



Balanus Programme Room

Its fashionable and up-to-date design enables the arrangement of customer parties, product presentations and other exclusive programmes. Floor-space: 1060 sqm, width: 18 m, length: 59 m, height: 5 m. Capacity: with raw of seats: 900 people, with benches: 750 people, round-table seating: 500 people. Features: the large surfaces of the walls are broken by 10 columns made of opal and solar plates of 5.3 m height equipped with internal lighting emitting intimate light into the room  and 18 large (5 m wide, 2 m high) windows divided in the middle.

Cogito Programme Room

Rustic room providing intimate neighbourhood for presentations or receptions for 100-120 people. A reception part of 3.5 m width and 8 m length belonging to the programme building can be used for the purpose of registration and serving welcome drinks , while a small room of 5 m width and 8 m length can serve as a perfect wardrobe or even a smoking room. Floor-space: 130 sqm, width: 10 m, length: 13 m, height: 3.5 m.Capacity: with raw of seats: 100 people, with benches: 120 people. Features: rustic, plastered coffee-brown side walls, 8 white supporting columns, special tremixed grey smooth concrete floor covering, white ceiling with concealed lighting, 7 nut coloured wooden windows.

The coffee-shopand the large, airy terrace is an excellent place for those needing relaxation.

The labyrinth is a complicated system of corridors and passages in which only the worthy people can find its centre or a way out. It is a symbol of the travel from profane to sacred or the middle of the world. Crossing the labyrinth is a proof of your soul. Its middle is the secret, the mystery itself … Therefore, the labyrinth is the victory of the spirit over the material sphere. In general terms, it is a symbol of fate, destiny, dangers and difficulties – a complex problem to be solved. It symbolises an internal path and voyage along the controversial paths of your mind. At the end of this path, the traveller reaches the centre and face the reality of his own nature. The labyrinth is a symbol of time as well. 

In ancient Europe, the labyrinths were used as scenes of ritual dances where people were walking hand in hand in a queue along the path leading to the centre.   This mutual rite has enhanced the coherence of the ancient society.

The labyrinth of the Abacus Programme Centre enhances this coherence – be the points team building games or family days -   the problems solved jointly in the labyrinth weld together the labyrinth’s “wanderers”. Floor-space:82.5 m x 41 m.

Waldorf-Catering is the exclusive gastronomic partner of the Abacus Programme Centre. 

The lovers of sports can play in three football grounds of 20 x 40 m size and two beach valley-ball courts.

Teambuilding game conceptions:

Path finding by GPS

There are several paths crossing the labyrinth, but which is the shortest one? This is the players’ job to find it by the help of a GPS unit only… 

Night mission

The perplexed and complex network of paths with preys and monsters are especially mysterious at night time… The simple computer game comes to life: “diamonds” can be gathered in the labyrinth, while fighting against the “monsters” crossing our way. Night vision devices, laser and paintball weapons – and last but not least a well elaborated strategy - help the teams. 

Vampire labyrinth

In the Nightmare’s Labyrinth you never know the moment when the nightmare comes to life…. Just like in the tales, we can say for the vampire labyrinth as well: the evening crowns the day …

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Arthur’s heroes know well that the famous grail is hidden somewhere in the labyrinth and no-one can find it without help … We are supposed to put Lancelot, Gallahad and others on the right track… In the meanwhile, however, we must face many difficulties; we must fight with the horrible bloody rabbit, we must build the Trojan rabbit, meet the terrible Black Knight and taste the potion with Merlin.

The man who knew too few (and in the wrong way)

You surely know the excellent comedy benchmarked with the name of Bill Murray …Now, you can have a role in a play shown by the life theatre in which - nomen est omen – the actors feature real figures in true to life dramas. You do not know who is for and against you, who is bad and who is good. You can hardly find the right way in the scenes of a funny thriller and understand the far-reaching plot and – who knows – you must even dance a Russian dance with a Matryoshka doll, when approaching the end…

James Bond in action – secret agent training

Strategy, crazy problems, role-playing games, special devices – these are the accessories to be used by Agent 007 to find worthy partners for his missions in Hungary.

Outdoor programs: Laser game, orientation tour, paintball, quad, hot-air ballooning, paragliding

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