Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Center Sopron

Address: H-9400 Sopron, Liszt Ferenc u. 1.

Location: At the spot the genius European artist, Liszt Ferenc, once gave concerts, a most modern, multifunctional conference centre has been established. The building built in eclectic style has been playing a central role in Sopron's cultural life since 1970. Situated right in the heart of the historic town the Conference Centre is well accessible on foot. The Conference Centre provides all those services (halls, service rooms, technical equipment), which are essential to organize and perform successful conferences, concerts, receptions, balls and other events of high standard.

The Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Centre is one of the most significant institutes not only of Sopron but in the region, too. It provides a wide range of opportunities for domestic and national conferences and other business events with a high level arrangement. The capacity of the rooms expand from 30 to 600 persons.

Technical equipment:

  • Flip-chart (different sizes)
  • Overhead-Projektor
  • Slide projectors
  • Video (SVHS, VHS)
  • DVD Player
  • Projektor
  • Screen (different sizes)
  • Notebook
  • Microphones, Wireless microphones, Stands
  • CD Player
  • Internet connection
  • Sound system (built in and mobile)
  • Interpreting machine

The Liszt Hall is the most beautiful, most exclusive hall of the building. It is an imposing location for concerts, cultural programs, dancing-parties. The hall includes all the technical equipment that is necessary for a successful conference.

The Petőfi Hall is an ideal location for company programs, meetings with its elegant appearance, air-conditioning, sound and light technique, natural light. Because of its design the hall can give room for receptions during or after the meeting.

The Széchenyi Hall is the biggest and most modern hall of the Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Center. It is the most advantageous hall for plenary sessions of conferences with its good quality, modern technical equipment.

The exhibition area of the Conference Center is found on the 2nd floor. Surface: 300 sq m. On the walls of the exhibition area are televisions, so any program in the halls can be followed.

The 5 halls are to be found in the most quiet, most distant part of the Center on the fifth floor. We recommend them to be used by speakers to practice, for slide presentations, company training, courses.

Capacity chart:

Other rentable places for events:

Petőfi Theatre: Petőfi Theatre is the basis of Sopron's cultural life. People like it and regard it as their own. The theatre considers almost 200 years of tradition. Six new productions of both inland and foreign authors are performed every season in the imposing 400 seat, secession building. The theatre has a 100 seats studio stage in Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Center, to perform mainly contemporary Hungarian dramas.

Cave Theatre in Fertőrákos  (740 persons)



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