Vogue Café Restaurant

As far back as some 12 years ago, this hulk served river gravel transports. This casco fitted in well with the plan of a floating restaurant – so it has become a basis of a history of a ship amalgamating aquatic river life with hospitality.

The restaurant is located far from the urban bustle, however in a busy area. The monuments, the sight of the Danube gives an exceptional atmosphere in the daytime, and the lights of the Buda Castle and the Margaret Bridge in the evening. The boat anchors on the Pest side of the river. You can approach them within walking distance from Jászai Mari tér where Tram 4 and 6 stops.

The boat functions as a restaurant and an event venue at the same time. The boat is capable of organizing weddings, business events, parties, conferences, trainings, press conferences, customer partner meetings, product exhibitions, family celebrations, kids' parties, business lunches and dinners or birthday parties. A seated reception can accommodate even 130 persons plus 40 on the terrace. In case of a standing reception 240 persons can fit on the boat.

Nowadays, the ship is consisting of three units:

The gallery is formed of three terraces – two of them are fully glazed, the third one only partially. The first terrace includes a bar and a scene and its feature is in particular, when windows are open, that the proximity of water is made perceivable. The second terrace is forming a gallery, from here the scene can be seen, as well. The third terrace is the most attractive one. From here, you can enjoy the panorama of Buda Castle, mainly in the evening, when the places of interest in Budapest are illuminated.

The central establishment embraces 114 m2, and consists of two levels – linked to each other by a broad companion way: the lower level includes the main bar and the kitchen, in the hall, there is the DJ-bar and the ball-room. If needed, even tables may be arranged in the hall. At the upper level, there is a restaurant. 

• On the rostralpart, there is a double-storied building established. The lower level includes the entrance door and the lobby, where the guests going along may find the cloakroom and the central establishment.

On the second floor there are two apartments with terrace and bathroom. The apartments include four beds each, in bathrooms, there is a jacuzzi to fit all modern conveniences of guests.

If You wish a full relaxation, they can provide two apartments, which severally can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. There is an opportunity to dock motor boats and ships next to, thus river trips and sightseeing tours can be organized on demand.

Gastronomy: In their international kitchen traditional Hungarian dishes get on well with the Mediterranean and South-Slavic food. You can find their menu in English, German and Russian too. The taste and appearance of their always fresh and quality base materials provides an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
Their menu is renewed every season in order to produce high quality food from the freshest base materials.


As Vogue is a Party-Ship, too, parties, receptions, family gatherings, high standard company entertainments, salons, at-homes, various programs (fashion parades, concerts, etc.) can be organized here. The restaurant is equipped with top quality sound techniques. If it is dealt with an all the evening establishment, including the ball-room and a smorgasbord dinner, the restaurant can accommodate 500 people as a maximum.

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