Chocolate School

Location: Szamos Gourmet Palace
Address: 1052 Budapest, Váci utca 1.

Entrance: 1052, Budapest Deák Ferenc utca 5.

About the history: The poor little boy of Szentendre, Mladen Szavits – who was brought up without father and who inherited his attraction to eastern sweets perhaps in his blood from his forebears, who immigrated from the Balkans - was just a trainee pastry cook at the pastry shop of the famous Auguszt. E. József when, on one day, in the early thirties a Danish pastry cook happend to visit the shop and he showed the apprentice how it was possible to shape pretty roses out of the sugar-almond paste if one was light-handed enough, paid attention to the technique and practiced a lot. The young apprentice learned the trick by watching.A good couple of hours, days, months, years anddecades passed and many hundred thousands of marzipan roses were formed and sold since then. He also chose his spouse from the pastry-shop. They had nice children and by now their grand children shot up, a good son-in-law became a member of the Szamos family and they all learned how to form roses. And finally, rooted in the past, after going through the fires of adversity, and well utilizing today’s benefical conditions, lots of painstaking and family efforts were made until the marzipan production company  ˝Szamos˝  was established by the middle of the nineties at Pilisvörösvár. Most of recepies can be thanked to the fantasy of Szamos Mátyás. As many pieces of sweets, as many forms, tastes, specialities and as many surprises. 

About the palace: In November 2011 Szamos Gourmet Ház at Vörösmarthy Square was opened. It is a sweet-shop, café and chocolate manufacturing shop at the same time.Young couples with small children find their places here the same way as businessmen with laptops do. The beauty of Gourmet Ház worthily fits into the elegant environment created by the Palace of Stock Exchange under reconstruction. Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra with its more than 180-year past in porcelain manufacturing is a priority cooperation partner of Szamos company. Preserving handcraft traditions, typical Hungarian character, and mainly quality without compromises play a central role in the activity and business philosophy of both companies.
Chocolate school: In this new Szamos shop chocolate school courses have been started where participants may try bonbon manufacturing, as well as get familiar with the use of authentic old and the most modern tools, and learn technology and tricks of the trade. The courses will include quick as well as more detailed trainings, in Hungarian and English. During the courses everybody can make his own sweeties with the chocolate master's help.

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