Korda Filmpark and Visitor Center

Location: Offering a new experience for film lovers, the Korda Filmpark is the first movie-themed visitor center in Central-Eastern Europe, located 30 kilometers from Budapest, in Etyek.

About the Filmpark: The Filmpark can be found amongst the stages and backlot sets of Korda Studios, where international feature films such as Hellboy II – The Golden Army, Season of the Witch, TV mega-productions like The Borgias and World Without End have been filmed. The Korda Filmpark offers memorable moments, fun, and entertainment for individual and group visitors alike throughout the year, and will give visitors a unique glimpse into the 10 hectares of backlot sets, 15 000 m2 of sound stages, 5500 m2of workshops, and various production support facilities on the Korda Studios lot.

About the exhibition: The Korda exhibit will introduce the world-famous creators of The Jungle Book, The Thief of Baghdad, and the story-filled lives of Sir Alexander Korda and his brothers Vincent and Zoltán, stretching from Vienna, Berlin, and Paris to London and Hollywood, from the Oscars to knighthood.

Midgets and giants from The Lord of the Rings, motorcycling along the Danube, battleship explosions, galloping horses – these are just a few of the filmmaking tricks of the trade that you will see brought to life in the filmmaking exhibition tour. Experience an entertaining and educational guided tour behind the scenes of moviemaking in the unique exhibition, showcasing the various stages of film production – from the idea to creation and beyond.

NEW YORK: Have you visited a real working film studio? Have you seen and felt what real life film sets are made of? Come and walk amongst the renaissance sets used in The Borgias TV-series, where Jeremy Irons and his co-stars brought history to life, or the New York streets where Ron Perlman and Selma Blair fought evil in Hellboy II – The Golden Army. On the tour people will gain access to one of Europe’s newest and most modern film studios, and will be able to peak into where the cameras cannot.

WILD TRACK: Become yourself the voice of the stars and learn about dubbing and voice post-production in the process! In the one of a kind Wild Tracks attraction guests themselves dub selected scenes from famous Hungarian and international films, under the supervision of a professional sound and dubbing engineer.

FILMBUILDING: Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming a famous movie star? Now visitors can step into the crossfire of the cameras. In the Filmbuilding attraction experience the atmosphere of a real film shoot, and get a taste of what it is like to be an actor or crew member. Utilizing provided technical equipment, props and sets, each participant takes active part in the shoot of a short film based upon the script and director’s instructions.

GREENSCREEN: Want to be an old fashioned gunslinger in the Wild West, or a gladiator in the spotlight of the Colosseum? With today’s green screen technology, filmmakers can transport you into almost any imaginable setting. The young and creative directors will take visitors into the fun world of green screen film production and tricke.

SPECIAL EVENTS, RECEPTIONS, EXPOS, FAIRS, WEDDING: The Korda Filmpark and Korda Studios offers numerous locations perfectly suited for a unique special event experience. Over the last 5 years the studio has hosted a variety of popular and successful events, from 15-20 person private events to 15 000 person expos. Be it a team building, family fair, press conference, car launch, business conference, awards gala, wedding, or party, the Korda Studios and Filmpark teams will work to ensure the best location and experience for the special event.

STUNT SHOW: Want to know more about the tricks of the trade used to make breathtaking stunts in today’s movies? The Korda Studios New York street and medieval sets both offer ideal settings to showcase the team of international stunt professionals. With themes from 1930’s American gangster shootouts to medieval horse and sword battles, a variety of entertaining shows are available, with options for using extras, props, and costumes, or catered to include the audience.

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