Hotel Kumánia*** Kisújszállás

Address: H-5310 Kisújszállás, Rákóczi u. 12.

Location: Kisújszállás is situated in the heart of Nagykunság next to the main road N°4 and the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza railway-line.

History: The centrally located town has been inhabited since ancient times, for 4000-5000 years. The Kuns, the ancestors of the people living there, settled down there in 1243-46 – the Kuns escaping from Mongol invasion were sheltered by king Béla IV. In Turkish times the area several times became depopulated, but the Kuns always returned to their homes. Their last return dates back to 1717 and as early as 1806 Kisujszállás gained the status of a market town. The present look of the town was shaped at the turn of the XIX-XX century, it was then that the Town Hall Palace was erected, and also the secondary grammar school bearing the name of its one-time student Zsigmond Móricz emerged as well as the former Vigadó. In the 13th century an ethnic group coming from the east settled down in the eastern part of the country, in the area between the Rivers Danube and Tisza, and on the banks of the Kőröses and the Maros. They were the Kuns of the Central Asian Kypchak-Turkish peoples, whose remainders even today occupy the area of Kis- and Nagykunság. Latin historical sources refer to them by the name of Cumans (kumán), their thriving empire in the 11th century was called Kumania. After they had arrived in the country the area where they settled down was shown by maps as Cumania Major. So the meaning of Kumania is The Land of Kuns, The Country of Kuns.  Their civilisation added a special colour to Hungarian culture. Because they had a particular legal status (they enjoyed autonomy), the traces of Kun culture still survive in folk tradition, folklore and in people’s eating habits. Then they gradually gave up their Kun language belonging to the Kypchak-Turkish group of languages from the beginning of the 16th century. With their wooden motives, decoration and form Kumania Kisújszállás Thermal Spa and Hotel Kumania raise a monument to the memory of the Kun ancestors.

Guest rooms: Hotel Kumánia was built immediately next to Kumania Thermal Spa in the years 2011-2012. The thirty-room three-star hotel awaits guest wishing to recover and take a rest with double rooms which can be supplied with extra beds. The building is physically accessible, so the physically handicapped, sight-impaired and people with a hearing loss can safely use it. Physically handicapped guests are put up in extra accessible rooms. The hotel is connected with Kumania Thermal Spa through a corridor. 

Spa & wellness:

Balneotherapy services:

- spa pool with medicinal water
- tub bath with medicinal water
- mud treatment
- medicinal weight bath
- effervescent bath
- medicinal massage
- underwater massage
- underwater gymnastics
- group medicinal swimming (under the age of 18)

Physiotherapy consultations and treatment:

- therapeutic gymnastics on land
- galvanic treatment
- selective stimulation treatment
- diadynamic treatment
- TENS treatments
- short-wave treatment
- laser therapy treatment
- ultrasound treatment
- vacuum treatment

Wellness services:

- outdoor and indoor Finnish saunas
- infra saunas
- steam cabin
- Kneipp plunge pool
- massage tub-bath with light and aroma therapy
- refreshing massage

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