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The egg of the crane

The participants have to move one of them hanging on a rope above a predetermined territory with the help of several ropes. The task is to select the eggs of the crane by colours. This exercise can be more interesting if the participants are not allowed to speak to each other, or if they are not allowed to see what they are doing. In this case they have to entrust themselves to the instructions of the team leader. Finding the appropriate team leader and the communication skills of the group are of great importance. We use special mountaineering equipment for this exercise, that is why anyone can carry it out.


The participants descend on high rock walls or walls of a building with the help of a mountaineering rope secured by descending „8”s. The participants secure each other under the supervision of our instructors. For complete safety a professional mountaineer gives additional security, too.

Nest Robbery

The participants pull up one member of the team to a high point where he or she has to perform a special task…. The „nest-robber” is secured by a professional mountaineer.


Hot Air Balloon - Free Fall

Get the feeling of flying and levitation between the ground and the sky. Those who have travelled on the wings of the wind know how fantastic it is to be on board. Those who have not, this is the right opportunity to try it! 4-5 persons can travel in one basket at a time.

Hot Air Balloon – Hanging

While hanging one rope detains the balloon from flying away. The pilot controls the heating of the balloon with which he drives the balloon up and down. 4-5 people can stay on board at a time.

Descending From Hot Air Balloon

Get the fantastic feeling of levitation and descending with our extreme rope technique program. The descending starts from the basket of the balloon with the help of special mountaineering equipment and under the supervision of professional mountaineers. No physical preparation is needed for this exercise.

Good weather condition is indispensable for ballooning!


The teams have to build a rope bridge from the available mountaineer equipment and with the help of written instructions. After the construction they have to get across the rope bridge with the secure mountaineer equipment they got. Cooperation and task-sharing is essential during the construction. This exercise is successfully solved if all the team members can get across the bridge „unwounded”. The bridge is checked by our trainer before the load.


The participants should use a specially constructed rope ladder and climb up to reach the target. In order to make it more difficult, we link two team members together. They can only fulfil the task if they pay attention to each other, and if they work together in harmony. Of course, specialists from SURVIVE-ALL will secure the participants.




The rope technique programs listed below are carried out by the help and under the supervision of our trainers. We provide all the equipment needed, in addition, we can also record the results creating the possibility for team competition.


The participants slide down on a tight rope-way with the help of a rolling belt. We decrease the speed of sliding by a mountaineering rope at the end. The length of the rope-way can be 50-300 m depending on the scene.



This is a unique opportunity as in Hungary only Survive-all can provide the background to try this special NATO technique. The participants descend on a rock wall facing downwards with the help of a harness and other mountaineering equipment. During this exercise the team members secure each other under the supervision of our instructors. For maximum safety a professional mountaineer also secures additionally.


The participants have to go through a „V”-form tight-ropeway. The goal is to get as far as you can while the rope is in 5-7 meters high. We secure them by mountaineering technique, of course. However, during climbing the team members can secure each other under the supervision of our instructor. For maximum safety a professional mountaineer also secures additionally.



We recommend the mobile climbing wall for adults and also for children. We can set it up in the garden or in the parking place of a hotel or in its surrounding. This is an excellent choice for a one-day program of a bigger and a smaller group as well. Various climbing techniques can be tried on the 4 or 6 meter high wall. Our mobile wall can turn the plane scene into a colourful playground. We set up and pull down the wall on the day of the program. The setting up of the climbing wall does not cause any long-lasting damages in the environment  and after pulling it down the scene turns back into what it looked like before.


The team has to cross an imagined lava stream withthe help of timbers and bricks. The used timbers have to be picked up after the crossing. The solution is a logical process and the implementation requires skilfulness. 


Two team members balance on a half-meter high „V-form” tight-rope. They lean on each other while the others secure them. The goal is to get as far as possible from top of the „V”.


The brave volunteer has to build a tower from beer-bins. The goal is to build a towerr as high as they can while the builder is standing on the top. The team members help give the bins and encourage their mate. We secure the climber by mountaineering equipment.


The participants climb on various walls of different levels of difficulty. They try to reach the peak by using mountaineering techniques. The team members secure each other during the climbing under the supervision of our trainer. In order to gain maximum safety a professional mountaineer secures additionally.


Two or three team members have to climb up on an easy (not vertical) rock wall or climbing wall together. The two climbers on the side are secured by a mountaineering rope from the top. The climber in the middle is tied to the other two by two approx. 1 meter-long mountaineering ropes. They three can only climb up to the top if they cooperate  and can create a union.


Two participants have to climb up a mobile climbing wall made of timber. They are tied together and we secure them by mountaineering ropes. The climbers have to solve an exercise in 8 meters high. This is an excellent teambuilding game! The exercise is carried out to time but cooperation is needed in order to get the „whole picture”.


The participants have to go through a 5-7m high tight-rope Vietnamese bridge. We secure them by mountaineering technique. During climbing the team members can secure each other under the supervision of our instructor. For maximum safety a professional mountaineer also secures additionally.




We organise our adventure tours, guided by professional instructors, in the „untouched” parts of the Mátyáshegyi cave. This cave has many routes so we can choose from all the range of difficulties, from children’s tour to extreme ones. In addition, we can also organise exercises (orientation, unexpected tasks) that have to be carried out within the cave which generates teamwork, the necessity of planning and proper communication amongst each other. Of course, no extraordinary physical condition or skills and are needed for this program! The route can be altered any time.


Excellent teambuilding program in summer and winter, too. The participants can try the feeling of breathing from bottles under the water. The exercise is instructed by professional dive masters. After a short break the team competition starts. The participants compete against each other on colourful and exciting tasks, under the water, of course. Total security and safety is provided by the professional equipment and the experienced dive masters. The program is carried out (mainly) in 1,2-1,5 m deep pools, so no swimming knowledge is needed.



The team goes through a predetermined route with the help of photos. They have to recognise the scenes and find different places based on the given photos. They also have to take group pictures so that they can prove they were actually there. More groups are also welcome at a time! This is a good opportunity to fill the team’s day with beautiful memories. This program can be combined with GPS, too depending on the features of the scene.


The team goes through a predetermined route with the help of photos. They have to recognise the scenes and find different places based on the given photos. They also have to take group pictures so that they can prove they were actually there. This time the team discovers Budapest from a different point of view. The tour guide gives instructions to the team and they can also learn a lot of new information and interesting facts of the city.

Our themes are the following:

• Towers - finding the hidden churches of the downtown
•    Sculptures and squares – discovering monuments in the downtown
•    „BKV” - getting to know with public transportation
•    Budapest then and now – the teams get old photos from which they have to recognise the actual scenes of the city

This is a good opportunity to fill the team’s day with good memories and lots and lots of new information. This program can be combined with GPS or small games (quiz, riddle, etc), too depending on the features of the scene. We send you the photos  of the tour after the program.


The participants go through a predetermined route in teams of 8-10 people. They can use map, walkie-talkie, GPS or compass for orientation. The teams find useful and necessary information for the other teams, and they can communicate with each other on walkie-talkies or sometimes by ciphering. We can organise team competition as well as a complex exercise where collective planning and thinking come to the front.


After arrival the participants start with some warm-up activity. After this they participate on golf training (maximum 15 people per instructor). They learn the basis of golf on the panoramic lower and upper range. We can organize them little races. They have the opportunity to go on a field visit by golf cars. 16 hectare, 9 holes – exclusive program on an exclusive place, Golf Academy Budapest.



The participants go through a predetermined route. During the tour they visit the surrounding forest and meadow and they participate in a pleasant recreation program where they fill in nature. They can use maps and a compass for orientation.


The water tour is a pleasant leisure activity, furthermore if needed, we can organise a team competition. We also record and announce the results, of course. The participants are accompanied by professionals whose number depends on the number of participants. Our experiences show that beginners are afraid of falling in the water, so we can tie the boats together as a catamaran. It’s almost impossible to fall in this way but we also provide life jackets. We take the canoes to the starting point and take them back from the boarding place.



Anywhere in the country, after previous planning, the group articipates on a planned bicycle tour. The route is always prepared according to the efficiency of the group. Occasionally we plan convenient or adventurous tour. Each group is lead by a bicycle guide tour who helps orientation.


This a modern game based on the latest technical achievements which we recommend to everyone regardless their age. We can fight just like in the classical „capture the flag” games or we can fight against the enemy according to a serious strategy. Lasertag is completely harmless, it has effects neither on players nor on the environment. Therefore, it can be played basically anywhere: in the garden or in the surroundings of hotels, in the downtown or even in forests. It does not cause any pain and it is not environmentally unfriendly. Hence, no protective equipment is needed. At the end of the game everyone can get their overall review on tags and more detailed statistics.


The lasertag quickly and intensely brings out our most commonly used model. Innovative and special. It provides exceptional experience and fun, thereby the learning is imperishable. The play can be formed in several ways according to the individual developmental goals.

The areas of lasertag experienced-based  learning:
• team building
• leadership development
• strategic thinking and execution
• sales attitude development
• co-operation and development communication



During the program the participants take part in elementary weapon using training. First of all, they learn the correct weapon keeping and touching then starts the real gunnery. First, they shoot with lasertag guns, which is completely harmless. If this is successful, the next step is air rifle and air pistol. In this case they shoot at target crash. The third step is paintball; there the goals are tins and crashes. The last step is balloon hunting where they have to shoot balloons which are filled with helium. The three types of weapons provide opportunity for development. For those who are interested in classic guns we offer archery. Special firing line, hoists and traditional bows, plastic and carbon arrows. William Tell training.


Tandem-flying by powered paraglide. A professional paragilder shows the participants the mystery of aviation. Powered paragliding itself is extraordinary and the experience in the air is indescribable. The three-wheeled car is not only safe but comfortable as well, the passenger only has to enjoy the feeling.





Any for of the games below can be selected. These games are instructed by the trainers. We provide the necessary equipment and if needed we also register the results so that a team competition could take place.


The purpose of the game is (usually) to capture the enemy’s base. Those who gets hit (depending on the rules) leave the field and can come back in the next game. The guns fire paintballs with the help of carbon-dioxide. These balls crack while hitting and colour the target with food paint. The head and the body are covered by protective mask and overall. Paintball can be played in many different ways. We modify the rules according to the number of participants and the scene. We can carry out basically all individual ‘realistic’ requests, e.g.: organisation of a championship. We provide an instructor during the game. Equipment: semi automatic paintball gun (Inferno), protective mask, overall, required quantity of paintballs. If you want to organise a paintball game somewhere where not enough dugouts are available (e.g.: football field, meadow), we can create obstacles by inflatable dugouts.


The participants can try the semi-automatic (250 cm3) quads on our ability track. We can build a buoy-bordered ability track almost everywhere in the country. Additionally, it can be tuned up by a seesaw. The quality of the quads provides maximum entertainment and safety. Furthermore, all the participants have to wear a helmet. Due to safety regulations the quad-drivers must be over the age of 16.


The participants can take part in a dragon boat voyage and can also compete against each other on a buoy track. The teams get a basic training before departure and they have to wear life jackets for safety reasons. We record and announce the results of the competition. Small ability exercises can also be done during the tour.



Technology enables us to play strategic lasertag where complete „battle movements” can be imitated with the use of GPSs ,walkie-talkies and special soldiers like doctor or sharpshooter. This kind of lasertag needs strategic planning therefore, we recommended it especially for corporate trainings.We plan the game concept at a certain location, we provide 2-4 GPSs, 4-8 walkie-talkies, high resolution maps of the particular area, a compass and marching orders.


It is a fantastic feeling that the machine takes each of your moves as an „order”. This is an entertaining program on an ability course but also a great choice for teambuilding activities. Driving the Segway can be learnt easily. You have to stand on feet-size surface between the wheels and turn on the silent engine. Navigation is done by the hand bars, when leaning ahead it goes ahead, when leaning back it goes backwards. The more you lean ahead, the faster the vehicle goes, but if you lean back, the Segway stops. It can even turn around while standing. If you constantly lean back, you can constantly reverse. Approx. 20 km/hour velocity can be reached but modern models can go up to  40 km/hour. The self-balancing vehicle is safe, those who accept the rules of physics cannot fell off them. We can build ability track, too, taking into account the features of the certain scene.



Discovering the selected scene, driving through an orientation tour or carrying out technical adventure programs by jeep can be very interesting. We offer ability and driving technique exercises as well as teambuilding jeep programs.


Our raft building program stands out of the summer water activities. We offer this excellent exercise for companies that desire teambuilding beside adventure and experience at the company event. Raft building can be carried out basically anywhere, on smaller and bigger lakes, in bays of rivers or billabongs.



We offer adventurous water tours, home competitions or teambuilding programs for smaller and bigger groups, too throughout the country or even on the Mediterranean See. The participants take part in a homerace on board of two sailboats where they can try navigating the boat or acting as a sailor. Cooperation and team effort are extremely significant in winning the race. The participants have to find strategic points with the help of GPS and compass during the tour because different exercises are waiting for them there. The majority of these exercises is carried out on board as these boats have relatively big cabins.




You can choose any 6 from the below listed 23 activities. These games are played by the help and under the supervision of our trainers. We provide all the necessary equipment for the programs. We can also record the results so that team competition can be carried out. 


The participants have to go through a 10x10 unit minefield without stepping on any of the symbolic mines . If someone does so, they have to start over again but should  also memorise the safe route. Each participant has to cross the minefield, however, team members can help each other.


This is an entertaining logic exercise. The teams have to build their own castles with their eyes covered. They get the necessary equipment in a sack. One team member acts as an instructor. He/she can be a great helper but only if the team members listen to him/her. 


The participants lean backwards from 1,5 m high into the „unknown depth” where team members catch them with their hands. This exercise is based on trust: Trust each other! This is a very interesting activity.


The participants have to go through an ability track while they are standing on fixed 10m long paired skis. They can only reach the finish line if they bring their moves into complete harmony.


This is variation of the traditional game “stone, paper, scissors”, played in teams. Organisation, communication and self-discipline within the group are essential for this game. The participants always agree on the next choice before each round. 


This is a traditional table football game played by live „men”. The participants sit on boxes and sometimes they play with more balls. Football skills are not decisive due to the special circumstances (e.g.: egg-form ball), so it is a super and entertaining activity for heterogeneous teams, too.


This is an easy trust building activity. The participants have to build a ladder above the imagined swamp. The team members have to cross the swamp from one imagined island to the other by using the live ladder made by the team. The rungs are held by the team members and this is how the crossing should be done.


We put lettered-boards on some of the participants. Those who do not have boards have to create as many words as possible from the letters given. They have to stand those with the letters in the right order to be able to read out the words. This is also a speed game and the trainer records the results.


The participants grab each other’s hands in a random order and then they try to untie themselves. This game becomes more difficult by increasing the number of participants taking part in the exercise.


This easy exercise requires fast reaction and high level of attention. The teams compete against each other. The team members use predetermined signs (hand squeeze) for transferring information. That team gets the point which reacts faster and in acorrect way. All the team members try each player-functions. This is an entertaining activity!


This entertaining game can be played any time. The teams  are in constant contact with each other. They have to get a loop from one point to the other while they are holding each other’s hands. This activity develops team morale and generates team effort.


The participants are located on an imagined map according to what information they tell about themselves.


The teams sit in a circle, one team member gets called, e.g.: „Eve, straight from cross or cross from straight?”. They do not really know what it means at the beginning but those who pay attention can figure out the logic pretty soon. The instructors also take part in the game. They always say the right answer and  indicate if one of the team members’ answer was wrong. This is a game of patience, and it is also very good for self- development  and  to get to know each other.


A csapat egy kört alkot, és a játékosok egymásnak dobnak egy teniszlabdát, miközben a keresztnevükön szólítják egymást. A labdák számát addig emeljük, ameddig az a csoport képességeivel lehetséges.


The team has to cross an imagined lava stream withthe help of timbers and bricks. The used timbers have to be picked up after the crossing. The solution is a logical process and the implementation requires skilfulness. 


This an interesting and funny exercise. The teams are competing against each other. They have to move the orange through the team members to the end of the line without touching it with hands. These moves generate laughing and as a result the players dropthe orange which means they have to  start over the exercise again from the beginning.


This exercise is based on logic and teamwork. Some of the team members stand in pairs and they get a cross tied rope in their hands. They have to „free” this rope into two separate ones without untying the knot. The rest of the group can help find the solution. 


This game is played in smaller groups. Each group gets a raw egg which they have to protect from breaking when the trainer drops it from approx. 2m high. The exercise is successfully solved if the egg does not break. The team can buy different tools  for „toy money” from which they can construct the perfect  protection. That team wins which gives asuccessful solution from the least money. This is a creative and funny program which requires team effort as well.


The members of the group stand in front of each other and they try to pass the egg to their partner in a way the egg remains in one piece. The distance between the group members increases…


This is a real balancing team challenge with non-verbal communication. The team is standing on a timber lying on the ground. They have to change their positions on the timber according to various instructions without stepping on the ground.


The players are sitting on chairs but some seats are free. The task is to „protect” the free seats from the trainers. The exercise gets more and more difficult as time goes by and the team has to reorganise itself again and again as the trainers are moving constantly.


The players have to create an equilateral triangle with a rope while all their eyes are covered and they hold on tight to the rope.


Place: Hungary, Komárom (47.743 / 18.1192)
Mission: occupy the fort
Time for the mission: 4 hours
Equipments: rope ladder, metal rope, harness, carabiner, lasertag guns

The mission begins with a secret briefing, then the group go to the fort. The mission covers the entire area as they have to climb the wall first, then descend from the top of the wall. Extra tasks in the hidden Casamate system. The participants can be secret agents or mercenary soldiers for a day..


If you mean, your team needs an eventful adventure tour, but you neither want mountain climbing, nor rafting, then come with us into the MUSEUM! After closing of the museum! During our exclusive program, you will be able to detect the hided treasures of the Hungarian National Museum. Meanwhile your colleagues, friends or business partners pass through playful tasks. At this time, the museum area is guaranteed without any guards and the rooms are ghostly empty. The event-hungry guests will pass from room to room, using a code system that waits for solving. They search the entire museum in order to find an answer for the ancient mystery. After the tour of approx. 90 minutes, the guests – still then hungry for „spiritual nutrition“- can, if wanted, be revitalised with real foodstuffs. This will take place in the circular hall, so called “Rotunda” of the museum. The highlight of the evening will be the announcement of the best teams. Which groups were smart and focused enough, to decrypt the code.



The teams have to roll up the difficult parts of an unclear crime. Two inexplicable deaths occurred in a small motel in the mountains of Alps, where the participants of a secret conference stayed. The police got out and recorded every trace and interrogate the suspects. Every person has reasonable cause to commit the crime, however, the alibis are not so convincing. The detective did not arrest anybody and stopped the investigation. We do not accept this and start again the investigation with the help of detective documents. We give the individual pages of the minutes to the groups and wait how they solve the mystery. Every participant gets a paper from the investigation documents, they get only one paper and they cannot show it to anybody, cannot put on the ground, nobody else can see it. However they can read it out or tell it to the others. If they find out who is the murderer, then they can answer the questions of the detective. The group needs good communication, logic, and listening to each other to solve the dark mystery.


It is known that military trainings stretch the physical and mental limits of the freshmen. To fulfill the exercises it is necessary to help, encourage and reassure each other. The heightened state, which comes from tiredness and stress, has to be managed. The participants have to fulfill tasks which demand good coordination and concentration (e.g. archery). The elements of military training was raised into this training , taking into account the civilian people's physical and mental load. The program can be guided by military instructor who create military atmosphere or can be guided by a trainer who can help the group process the experiences. 


In the Middle Ages it was a popular place, even Turkish groups wandted it for themselves, but without success. During the training, participants can experience the trials of old times. The program begins with archery and paintball balloon hunting then go the castle. With rope ladder has to be taken the castle where descending, zip line and other trials waiting for the group. At the end of the program we understand why the Turkish could not occupy the castle. The reward of the well done work is the knight dinner which crowns the day.



This is the project when people realize it is not a simple matter of what they watch on TV every day. The task gives a framework and direction, but the imagination of the participants can soar freely. We decide the style by lot and the short film has to be prepared in this style. With limited number of costumes we help to make the films more realistic. The filming takes place in more groups. There are plenty of funny situation, which can be watched back later. Because of the common experiences hilarious atmosphere develops. Of course the “Film Academy” awards the best work, ideas and actors. The awards gala is worthy crowning of this event. The groups arrive home with their films in their hands.


Our company started with this activity in 1996 based on the NATO Marine Infantry experience of the founders of SURVIVE-ALL®. Extreme challenges generate individual personality development as well as the need of cooperation within the team. This is a very intensive program. Our experienced professionals help achieve the goals, reduce the risk of failure experience and guarantee safety by professional equipment. We always plan the program according to the features of the scene, the desired goals and the condition of the team. Certain extreme program elements are not compulsory on the Survival Tour. Those who do not want to take part in these can help secure the team members or coordinate the teamwork.


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