New York Café

Address: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11.

Only at a Boscolo Luxury Hotel like the New York Palace could you expect to find such an intriguing and magical blend of past and future. Brilliant designer Adam D. Tihany created here dazzlingly modern backdrops of glass, steel and light for delicious traditional Italian and some local dishes. Deepwater Restaurant, a treasure trove of good taste, a magic box to be opened with the tip of a fork. Precious Slav oak walls, gold ornaments along with nickel, crystal and optic fibres dominate the spaces in a constant vibration of lights. In this framework of modern geometry featuring glass and wood, the sensuality of Bohemian flavours and unexpected juxtapositions become creations of international haute cuisine.

While the New York Café and the Deepwater Restaurant amazes the guests with its renaissance touch and eclectic style, the Cigar Baris the epitome of soft classical lines. In a setting reminiscent of the typical cafés of Budapest where intellectuals and artists once gathered, you can meditate and relax while sipping your glass of cognac and beeing caressed by the aroma of the most renowed cigars, kept in old bank safes. To smoke a cigar slowly, or read a newspaper or a book in the excellent company of a glass of brandy which is almost a century old... this too is the New York Palace, where the good life is a tradition to be respected. Unique Cigar Bar in the unique New York Café! Ideal for 20-30 persons for cocktail receptions, special dinners or private cigar PARTIES.

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