Araz Restaurant

Address: H-1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 42-44.

Location: In one of the historic quarters of Budapest, in district VII, such a new restaurant welcomes the fans of gastronomy that creates fashion among the followers of the domestic gastronomy. As part of the newest Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior  – yet as a separate restaurant - the restaurant ARAZ fulfills every gastronomical fan’s dream.

About the restaurant: The onetime building, which, besides the Spa Hungária, was once also home to the Hotel Continental, preserves the stylistic characteristics that influenced the landscape of Budapest:, the stylistic characteristics of the art nouveau and the art deco left their mark on the exterior and the interior of both the new Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior and on the restaurant ARAZ.

Gastronomy: On the menu of the new restaurant ARAZ, the finest masterpieces of the Hungarian and French cuisine can be found and prepared for you with the most modern kitchen technology-related procedure of the XXIst century by the chef, Áron Barka and his team.
The French cuisine is at least as exciting for the lovers of flavors as the exploration of a new continent for a globetrotter. The unique harmony of flavors, odors and sight is perhaps best expressed on a plate filled and decorated with French food.
The unique flavors, the well-defined seasoning and the typically abundant combinations of the Hungarian cuisine are inviting the guests starving for a unique flavor-experience to an exciting gastronomic adventure.  Although a Hungarian kitchen can not exist without paprika, gulyás or stew, it is much richer than this: dishes of the ancient periods coupled with the most modern kitchen technology-related procedures – that is what they offer you on their Hungarian menu.

Awards: Best of Budapest award 2010, Chaine des Rotisseurs 2011, Time Out awards 2011, BBJ Fine Restaurant Award 2012, Tripadvisor „CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE” 2012.

Capacity: The new restaurant of district VII in Budapest is suitable for hosting even 120 persons.
Entering the door, the guests are welcomed in two sections: the lounge in the restaurant provides the opportunity for the guests to indulge in the atmosphere of the turn of the century – even if only for a short period of time - while having a glass of drink, a special or traditional cup of coffee and some delicate pieces of snack, respectively. By using the contemporary, stylistic characteristics of the Hotel Continental, the section in the restaurant has created the charming atmosphere that makes the interior space especially unique.
At the gallery area, a coffee room with an also traditional atmosphere has been established where all the coffee specialties of the turn of the century are available on the coffee list. The atmosphere of the interior space and the flavour of the contemporary coffee specialties blend in with each other, the time ceases, the state-of-the-art becomes a part of the tradition, the noise of the city remains outside, and the guest is surrounded by the familiarly new world of the style, the odours and the flavours.


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