Tigris Restaurant and Winebar

Address: 1051 Budapest, Mérleg u. 10.

Location: Tigris (Tiger) Restaurant is located in the centre of Budapest, at just a few minutes walking distance both from Deák and Széchenyi square.

History: The building that hosts the Restaurant was the first luxury hotel in Budapest inaugurated in 1840 and built by the famous Hungarian architect, József Hild. Tigris Hotel was the most prestigious address of the era, hosting a number of historical personalities between the imposing, Classicist-style walls. Today the palace is protected architectural heritage. The style of the meticulously refurbished restaurant is in harmony with the architectural masterpiece, which revives the golden era of Budapest.

About the restaurant: As we enter the stunning interior our sight is immediately attracted by the hundred year-old oak counter which - just like the rest of the restaurant - has been renewed with painstaking care. Resisting the passing fashions, the interior reflects turn-of-the-century style. The furniture, the accessories together with the classic white Zsolnay table set all represent long-lasting values.

Gastronomy: The cuisine is mainly of Hungarian character. The traditional tastes are created using state-of-the-art kitchen technology, while the presentation of dishes is unique. The wealth of Hungarian flavors and the variety of ingredients are both represented.
Tigris Restaurant is the reference venue in Budapest for Gere Winery. The selection offers full range of the wines by this producer, including some specialties produced in very limited quantity. The wine list contains labels from all the significant Hungarian producers, offering an outstanding variety of wines and Champagne. The ideal temperature of red wines is secured by a separate wine room, while Champagnes are chilled to perfection in a special refrigerator. The mission of the Restaurant is to offer high end, selected wines at an affordable price to a discriminating clientele.

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 12-24


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