Lázár Equestrian Park

Address:2182 Domony, Fenyő utca 47.

Location: Situated 35 km from Budapest, in the heart of Domonyvölgy, the Lázár Equestrian Park is owned by the coach driving world champions, Vilmos and Zoltán Lázár. The resort nestles among the picturesque lakes of the Gödöllő Hills. It is a favourite destination of local and international tourists alike, seeking a venue for various programmes and functions, for relaxing, adventure accompanied by genuine Hungarian hospitality.

Horse show:
They hold a Horseshow for a minimum of 20 guests, at 11.30am and 5pm.
On arrival at the park guests are welcomed with fresh scones topped with crackling or cheese and seeds, fruit brandy („pálinka”) and mineral water.


- Four-in-hand driving, pony carriage driving, horsemen
- Display of nomad warrior archery - archery on horseback, throwing a spear
- Skills of the horsemen – making the horse lie down, cracking the whip, competition between the horsemen
- Fun competition involving the guests: knocking a bottle with the whip
- Cart pulled by four oxen
- Humorous show with trained donkey
- ‘Queen Elisabeth’s equestrian show in contemporary costume, riding in a side-saddle with hussars
- Puszta-five’
- Finale

At the end of the programme the guests are invited to take part in a pleasant coach trip through the woods as well as visit the Lázár Equestrian Park. The programme is presented in Hungarian, German and English, as required. The programme by night is the same as the daytime programme. The guests can watch the horse show by the light of torches, camp-fires and floodlights.

Puszta Olympics:
Before starting the competition every game is demonstrated by staff of the Lázár Equestrian Park.

Further events could be the following:
Competitive games, archery, barrel riding, log-throwing, tug-of-war, ‘needle in the haystack’, wine lifting, 'snail driving’, ‘Puszta-ski’, ‘Ring throwing’,’Bottle-whipping’, horseshoe throwing into the bucket, throwing the pitchfork into a bale of straw, nut breaking, skittles, stripping the corn on time, ‘swamp’ walking...

A scorer keeps track of the teams’ point and results are announced at the end of the game. Each member of the winning team receives gift and a Diploma with the Signature of the world Champion Lazar brothers.
In case of bad weather they organize the programme inside. For larger number of individual competition they can provide a score sheet where guests can collect their points and competitors with the most points win prizes.
Depending on the theme of event Retro or Western Olympics can be organised.

Coach driving competition: (with at least 15 competitors)
The coach-driving champion Gábor Szegedi introduces the rules to the competitors. After drawing starting numbers, the competitors are shown the course, after which they may begin to practice and complete it. The drivers have to manoeuvre the carriage through the gates built of cones while the balls on the top must not be knocked off. A ball knocked off earns 3 penalty points. In case of a draw the one who completes the course faster will win the competition. A professional emcee provides commentary for the competitors and spectators. The course was built to meet the specifications of FEI, and the results are also evaluated accordingly. At the end of the competition the winner and the runner-ups are awarded the Lázár Equestrian Park prizes in the midst of a ceremony, and all the participants get their personal participation diploma with the signature of the world champions.


Cooking competition:
In this special and typical Hungarian team building program the guests can cook several types of cauldron dishes: goulash soup, paprika-potatoes, stew, lecso…
Firewood, cauldron and ingredients are provided, but only the guests can guarantee the good flavour. Our chef will assist the jury.

Special programmes:
- Four-wheel quads are excellent for the hilly terrain round the Domony Valley or in a specially constructed obstacle course.
- Trabant Rally. Competitors complete various tasks as they get to know the “great” old car. During the course there is time to count the stork nests, change a wheel, count the churches, and much much more, all this behind the steering wheel of a “Trabi” the East German car, once thought to be the best in the World
- Bobcat tractor race: A skills competition, where teams compete on closed-off, parallel courses.
- Off road cross country rally on the roads around the Equestarian Park with Suzuki Samurai jeeps.
- Cross-country safari in a GAZ 66 combat lorry (seats 18-20 people)
- MT-LBu army vehicle tour and driving: Try the 10-seater armored MT-LBu, an amphibious army vehicle on the specially constructed military course, where guests can take over the wheel.
- Airboard – an intriguing one-man airborne device, which allows you to float 10cm above the ground as you steer by changing your weight.
- Segway, robstep, monster roller
- Classic laser tag war, strategic laser tag war with GPS
- Team  building program with the following stations: Riddle hunting with the help of a GPS, Treasure hunting with GPS, Adventurous Treasure Hunting, Adventurous alcohol smuggling
- Air-soft

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