Unique Hungary - Teambuilding in Budapest

Budapest Code

Five in One: Competition, fun, excitement, teambuilding and cultural walking tour in Budapest!
Have you read Dan Brown’s superb The Da Vinci Code? Perhaps you’ve seen the film?
Now you can experience for yourself all the excitement. During the treasure hunt in the very heart of Budapest you and your team search for figures, secrets and information while going round the most dazzling places. While hardly noticing, you learn lots of interesting details and pick up stories about Hungary’s culture, history, and everyday life. 
Why you will like it?  Budapest Code is:   
•  exploring Budapest in a funny, unique way
•  a real „backstage” feeling  
•  getting interesting information about Budapest’s secrets, sights, hidden beauties, culture, architecture
•  getting an in-depth image of the Hungarian culture
•  an excellent team building
What is the procedure?
The tour starts at your hotel in the centre of Budapest. We divide the company into teams, about 8-10 people. Teams get their itinerary – each a different one. Each group has a tour leader.  The participants have to solve the first enigma to find out the first station and then get there with the help of their map. At the station they execute tasks, this is the way they collect points. After executing the task, go to the next station.  The tour ends in a fascinating restaurant to solve the last enigma, present it and project the photos takes during the tour. Finally, there is a fantastic award winning ceremony and a delicious lunch served- not included in the price of the programme.
Type of tasks (examples):
 - Solving the secrets of a cryptex, anagram
- „Then and Now” –tasks with old and new maps
- Danube and her bridges- tasks connected to the river
- Collecting Hungaricums, Hungarian inventions
- Perfume recognition
- Identifying pralines
- Identifying design objects in a tiny museum  
- Finding historical places in the Downtown
- Finding the treasure box
- “Sculpture story” -acting out historical events or a fiction put together by the team

Budapest Movie

Because shooting a movie is an absolute teamwork

Have you heard about Steven Spielberg, George Lucas or maybe Andy Vajna? Now you can be part of this amazing league...
Shooting a movie means fun, creativity, brainstorming and hard work, everything that brings people together.  

Why you will like it?  Budapest Movie is:   
•  exploring yourself in a unique way
•  a real cooperation because of the common goals
•  getting an in-depth image of the world of making a movies
•  an amazing possibility to show yourself in a team
•  a funny movie at the end
What is the procedure?
Uniquebudapest provides all the necessary facilities including technical equipment, accessories and professional staff.
The game starts with a warm-up - a presentation of different kind of tasks during shooting. Then to get the feeling there are some tasks, quiz questions or identifying soundtracks.
After this short warm-up, the participants receive the task to shoot a well-known movie in a specific genre, shoot a cooking show or a weather forecast. The necessary facilities and a storyline are given and you can get to down to work. The next step is to set up the crew, decide who writes the script, who acts, who will be the producer…etc.
Once the shooting of the film is finished, our professional team does the cutting works, in the meantime the participants can rest.
In the end, each team’s film is presented and the winner is announced at an AWARD WINNING CEREMONY.
Type of tasks (examples):
Shoot the
•  Godfather in – a sci- fiction version
•  Godfather in – horror version
•  Matrix in a comedy version
•  Cooking show – in a sci-fi version
•  Presentation of own company in a romantic movie version …etc.
Budapest Adrenalin

Jump into the deep end!

Budapest Adrenaline is an active, sporty teambuilding in Budapest. It runs on the water (kayaking on the Danube), in the green (Margaret Island), and in the „urban jungle” (Downtown Pest). It is a joyful combination of a treasure hunt, an active, sporty program and an amazing sightseeing. Try yourself and your fitness as a team member, find all the pieces of the puzzle, get the answers and find out the secrets of the city.

Why you will like it?  Budapest Adrenalin is
•  an excellent team building and competition
•  a real adrenalin tour 
•  exploring Budapest in a sporty and interesting way
•  developing communication between people
•  gaining in-depth knowledge about Budapest’s  secrets, sights, beauties, culture, architecture and much more
•  getting to know each other better
•  a kick-off from the everyday life

What is the procedure?
The program starts on the Danube in the city of Budapest…
• The first task is a kayak tour on the Danube from the nicest holiday resort of the city. Teams kayak to Margaret Island, the breath-taking island in the heart of Budapest  
• Using some special transport objects (rickshaws), the teams leave the island to continue their way to Downtown Pest by bikes.
•  At the end of the tour we finish our program in a fancy Budapest cafe/restaurant.

Type of tasks (examples):
•  Petanque before set off in the kayaks
•  Finding historical places in Margaret Island where interesting tasks have to be solved
•  Passing by mysterious places by rickshaws
•  Speeding up from the Margaret island to the Downtown by bikes 
•  Discovering city secrets in the Downtown 

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