Bodri Winery, Szekszárd

Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Faluhely-dűlő, 7100

Location: The company is determined to create in the Toscana-reminding beautiful valley of Faluhely a comprehensive wine-tourism centre with complete range of services: wine, gastronomy, events and thermal spa.

Introduction: Primary objective remains of course the wine offered to the guests attracted to the valley by first class services and interesting happenings. The Bodri family was involved in winemaking over five generations. The current staffs of ten people include family members in all key aspects of cellar management.
The senior manager, Bodri István, receives massive support from the talented and conscious junior, Bősz Adrián. Presently, just one professional oenologist supervises the daily work in the cellar, but others will be needed soon, as the tasks and output increase.

From the total vineyard area of 25 ha, 11 ha are situated in the Faluhely valley, a slope opening to east-northeast, mostly planted with Blue-franc vine variety. Other varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon (3 ha), Merlot (2 ha) and smaller areas 0,5 ha of Cabernet Franc, Kadarka, Italian Riesling, 1 ha Sauvignon Blanc, Blue-franc rosé and 0,5 ha Pinot Noir.
The other large vineyard (11 ha) lies in the Gurovica valley, on a southward slope, planted with Blue-franc, 1 ha Cabernet Franc, 1 ha Merlot, 0,5 ha Cabernet Sauvignon, Kadarka and Rhine Riesling.
Smaller plantations are in the Csötönyi valley (Rosé) and in the Gesztenyés area (Blue-franc).

In the Bodri vineyards vine-stocks are usually loaded at a rate of 2-3 kg, however, for top-quality wines just about 1 kg load is allowed.
The cellar equipment is designed for processing 200 metric tons of grapes. Storage capacity includes 25 pcs 2000 hectolitres in stainless steel tanks, 50 wooden casks of 225 litres each and 100 casks of 500 litres each used for ageing.
The product pyramid is consisted of 65% light standard wine, 25% of higher ranked (aged) wine and 10% of top quality wine.

As for sorts and brand names, "Rozi Rosé" makes 30% of the output, light red wines such as "Bodri kutya" and "Civilis Cuvée" 40%, white wines, other red wine sorts and premium quality wines 30%.
The standard quality white and red wines are characterized by their excellent price/value ratio. Outstanding are the traditional wines of the Szekszárd area Kadarka and Bikavér, at the same time warming and fruity, well balanced and inviting.

Their pride, the Faluhely-selection series, includes mature wines (Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Bikavér), which reflect the personality of the Bodri Winery. Top leader is the internationally successful brand "Optimus Cuvée", produced in limited quantities and in the best vintages only.
The winery fills approx. 150,000 bottles yearly, and an output of 200,000 bottles is planned for the near future.

Accomodation: As for lodging and catering, the winery presently offers seven double rooms, and house-made dishes of local specialties. The rooms unite modern comfort with traditional furniture, more than 200 year old Swabian peasant-style beds and cupboards, fully restored.

The "standard" menu includes peasant dishes filled with salami, bacon, ham, garnished with vegetables, followed by the legendary Hungarian-style stew of beef, seasoned with red wine, and the menu is crowned with strudel, filled with cottage cheese, sour cherries or poppy seeds.
All this is made and offered by Pölöte Norbert and Bodri Tibor, top specialists of Hungarian gastronomy.


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