drivingcamp Hungary

Address: H-2072 Zsámbék, Drivingcamp út 1.

Introduction: Drivingcamp Hungary in Zsámbék is the most modern traffic safety and driving technique centre in both Hungary and all over Europe. It is located only 24 kilometres from Budapest, in the most scenic part of the picturesque Zsámbék Basin. Thanks to its very convenient location, it is easy to access from any direction. The proximity of Motorway M1 provides direct access to the cross-country highway system.  The most significant part of the complex’s total area of 13.2 hectares consists of the 122,000 square metre driving technique course that implements the most up to date technologies. It was developed in the form of a module-like system, enabling any type of driving technique training programme to be compiled by combining the various modules as required. The flexibility of the system provides innumerable possibilities, ensuring that all participants can participate in individual trainings that correspond to their level of preparedness, skill, and requirements.

In addition to the training course, a reception building with a total area of more than one thousand square metres that integrates the classical architectural styles of the modern age with the hi-tech style of the 21st century provides a suitable venue for the events held at the Centre.

This includes a 100 seat restaurant named Bistro MOTO and a 300 person receptionroom as well as an exclusive showroom that provides a visual treat to guests in the form of the beautiful cars on display. A parking lot suitable for the comfortable appointment of several hundred cars is located right next to the main building.

Training Circuit:
The planned facility will be a state-of-the-art safe driving center designed on the basis of over twenty years of experience. As a result of carefully thought-out modules of the training circuit and the modern hydraulic units, the center will suit the needs of all age groups and all types of traffic participants.
The center shall be a site for practical training, preserving and improvement of driving skills for bicycle- and motorcycle riders, vehicle drivers, professional drivers and the drivers of emergency vehicles. The specially configured module system of the training circuit ensures that participants experience various accident situations with any type of vehicle in a safe setting. Thus the center shall be a perfect location for, providing the opportunity to all participants, to adequately recognize traffic situations, and to practice the avoidance of traffic accidents safely, without pressure.

1. Large dynamic shock-pad: The singularly huge territory and the specially slippery surface lasting 90 meters in length offers a great deal of oportunities to practice everyday emergency situations. On the module we practice regaining control over a vehicle suddenly slipping and swerving, stabilization of the vehicle and different braking and evasion manouvers, in a way that these techniques become routine.

2. Multifunctional area with longitudinal aquaplaning:
This module, due to its outstanding size, offers a multi-faceted combination of use: in the foreground are the different braking techniques (eg.: emergency brake, even in cases of the vehicle standing on surfaces with different gripping intensity on either side, or even target braking), controlling te vehicle (eg.: helming technique, slalom, avoiding or even the right way of observation), or the combination of these. Another speciality to this track is the aquaplanning pool, where the right handling of driving on water can be practiced in uttermost safety.

3. Downhill hairpin bend (twitch) module: There is nothing like the surprise of finding a safe, dry safety lane in the icy hairpin bend at the bottom of a 9% downhill slope, instead of a railing and a rift. Developing target braking and wheeling techniques under extreme  circumstances. At the top of our mountainside module a dynamic shockpad had been installed, so practice can be all the more exciting and effective. 

4. Circular ring module: Do you know into which direction the car will slide due to the rules of physics if you accelerate intensively in a curve? Do you know what the often-used driver’s phases such as over and under steered mean? On our 80 meters wide giant roundtrack you can learn from yourt own experience in the biggest safety. On the module a special shockpad had been installed for training motorbike drivers.

5. Off-road circuit with waterfall:
You can spend the entire day at this territory with lots of special offerings. On the module we test the sidetilting and ascending-descending abilities of the vehicles on uphill and downhill surfaces with different levels of inclanation angle (40-50-60-70-80-90%). You can drive on a stumproad, steep spanish stairs, around a steam running among rocks, and you can learn the correct technique of moving in or leaving  a soft agent.

6. Go-kart and surrounding road modules:
The entirety of the learning track is framed by the highway module, full of uphill and downhill slopes, straights and curves, where the mysteries of driving with precise, close archs at high speed can be mastered. The track can be used for funriding with special vehicles and professional drivers. Into the track a gokart track is jointed, one that is able to host a championship.


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