Varga Tanya Leisure and Conference Hotel Kerekegyháza

Address: H-6041 Kerekegyháza, Kunpuszta 150 (GPS: N46.95670' E19.40725')

: Varga Tanya Leisure and Conference Hotel is located in the heart of Hungary, near the Kiskunság National Park. It is only one - one and a half hours drive from Budapest and it is situated 16 kms from the motorway M5.

About the hotel
: This is an elegant conference and equestrian hotel in the puszta which can accommodate in total 110-120 people in their rooms and suites which are situated in several, rustic-elegant hotel buildings that can be reached through a delightful promenade richly decorated by flowers and plants, making the facility a unity with the nature surrounding it. The hotel buildings possess an outfit calling-up puszta-atmoshpere, still the inner furnishing of the buildings are very elegant. The Varga Tanya Hotel is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is prohibited both in the hotel rooms and the corporate rooms.

Rooms: In the two main buildings there are 8 rooms each, out of which 4 rooms can accommodate 3 people by using a spare bed. 16 other rooms are furnished in 4 free-standing buildings with own balcony and view onto the puszta. A further main building is equipped with 10 hotel rooms and suites. One suite consists of a bedroom, a bathroom and a living-room. The pull-out sofa in the living-room enables the accommodation of two children in their adults-room.ur hotel rooms are equipped with modern, minimalist furniture and excellently meet the expectation of our guests. The superior rooms however represent the exclusive, elegant style. The rooms are twins, with two separately standing beds, that can be – on request – joined to each other making a double bed.The rooms are equipped with LCD TV set, mini-bar and bathroom with shower and toilet. The rooms for 3 guests and the suites for 4 people make Varga Tanya an ideal place for family holidays.

Fitness & Wellness: the 200 m2 wellness centre built in 2011 has 2 Jacuzzis, Finnish sauna, infrared cabin, steam bath, massage, manicure and pedicure.The elegant design and the cosy ambience will contribute to your recreation. Between June and September an open-air bath stands at the guests' disposal. The open air bath in the smart park and surrounded by high trees creates a real oasis in the summer heat and provides with it’s pools, deck-chairs and children’s’ playground for the recreation. 

Gastronomy: In the spacious restaurants, evoking authentic atmosphere, traditional and regional dishes are served. Beside the Hungarian specialities they offer healthy, modern cuisine, as well. Between spring and autumn you can try the freshly grilled specialities directly from wood-coil fire. The rustic ambience of the summer restaurant in the well-kept, flowery garden provide for an unforgettable setting for the grill parties. Try one of the good Hungarian wines and choose from the masterpieces of well-known Hungarian wine cellars. The wines of János Frittmann, who was awarded the title of the oenologist of 2007, are recommended here due to the hotel's location on the “Great-Plain” wine-region.
Meetings & conferences: The spacious and striking park of the Varga Tanya Leisure and Conference Hotel offers an excellent location for the organisation of company events. The air-conditioned rooms have a very good natural day-light. Tables, 3 metal boards, 5 flipcharts, 2 mobile and 1 stationary projectors, 3 screens, audio system, mobile amplifier, wifi and air-conditioning is available free of charge.

Team building: A company can be successful having not only employees, but a real team of professionals. An informal, amusing time-together, far away from the usual, stressful and rapid every-day life, helps the formation of new, closer human and work relationship among your employees. And a teambuilding in Hungary, in the heart of the puszta is an unusual and informal site. Beside the amusement it is also important that the fellow-workers get a clear picture of their strength and weaknesses and those of their colleagues, resp. about their concentration and adaptation capabilities and learn more about the relations between each other. With regard to these aims a unique adventure-park has been built here where the participating teams can prove their skills in different competitions.

Stations of the adventura park:

  • Labyrinth
  • Escape from the prison
  • Joust
  • Walking over marsh
  • Wood-structured bridge building
  • Quad Biking
  • Air-soft
  • Treasure hunting by means of GPS
  • Alcohol smuggling
  • Water games in the swimming pool

Puszta-olympics: a cosy team-game with puszta- and peasant utilities. Its stations are the following:

  • Archery
  • Wine-pull-up with calabash goard
  • Puszta ski
  • Cart-pulling on a slalom course
  • Jug beating with bullwhip
  • Handbarrow slalom
  • Horseshoe throwing
  • Pulling up water from draw well
  • Sack-race
  • Puszta quiz

Puszta program: The most striking part of the program is the fascinating show of the puszta ten (ten horses ridden by one horseman), which is unique in the world. The Varga Tanya has won the 5 horseshoe equestrian service provider qualification and since January 2006, it has been the most preferred and reputable showplace.


1. Greeting of the guests with cheese-cake and pálinka (traditional Hungarian brandy)
2. Horse-cart ride to the nearby puszta  visiting a functioning homestead and the Tanya Museum
3. Horse show
• Puszta ten performance
• Rush of the grooms
• Presentation of the pony-cart, coach-and-three, yoak of oxen, donkey-cart, coach- and-four
• Playful contest of the grooms
4. The windup of the program is a traditional lunch including a three course meal in the intimate and rustic restaurants. During the meal, gipsy music guarantees for good humour.

Beside the standard package a variety of traditional programs are offered:
  • Folklore dance performance with adjoining dance tuition
  • Zither music
  • “Lángos” (oil-fried scones) on a peasant’s farm

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