“Red Mail Coach” – “Vörös Postakocsi” Restaurant

Address: Ráday str. 15., Budapest, IX. district

“Red Mail Coach” – “Vörös Postakocsi” is traditional Budapest restaurant with live Gipsy music. It cannot be said, that the Vörös Postakocsi Restaurant in Ráday Street really stands out from the others, but anyone looking for a Hungarian culinary experience shouldn't pass it by. 
Originally opened in the early seventies, this traditional fully licensed restaurant, specializing in authentic Hungarian dishes, has been a firm favourite for over three decades. 

Food & Wine:
The restaurant offers a wide range of carefully selected meals from authentic and modern Hungarian cuisine. Traditionally heavy dishes are rendered light, courtesy of organic meat, dairy products and vegetables. The menu offers several vegetarian options. 
Our chefs worked hard and made the tremendous job to raise the Foie Gras preparation to the maximum level. Thus, the 7, above the average, goose liver specialties were born. 
The restaurant's wide selection of modern Hungarian wines is a treat for all. The Red Mail Coach Restaurant offers more than 70 kinds of bottled wine.

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