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It was too beautiful to belong to just a count (Gödöllő, Pest County)

It is suprising, but there are lots of Hungarians who haven't seen the Palace in Gödöllő yet, although it is really beautiful!  In the 18th century there was a baron (later count) called Antal Grassalkovich who bought some farms in a very skilful way and finally he became a man of position among the landholders. He was very proud of his estate with the castle, so he invited Maria Theresa and boasted of  his impressive baroque palace  and its  surroundings. True or not, one thing is certain: in the last third of the 19th century the place cought the royal family's fancy and used the palace as their holiday residence from that time on. 


Going for a walk among magic plants (Vácrátót, Pest county)

Nowdays we are easily impressed by 'big' things. Well, without a doubt the biggest botanical garden of the country is the one  in Vácrátót. It is unbelievable, but there are 13000 different species of plants on a 29-acre land. You need several hours to walk along the long and winding roads, shady tracks and sunny groves of the garden which was first opened 200 years ago. This place is a favourite destination not only for those who want to extend their botanical knowledge, but also for couples who would like to spend a few romantic hours in a marvellous environment. We also recommend this place  for townies who want to take a trip at the weekend without overdoing it. 

Home for the bears (Veresegyház, Pest county)

Would you like to meet Döme, Ella, Bella and Kotya? They would higly appreciate the encounter since  your entrance fee pays their meals. It is rather unknown that this is Europe's biggest  bears' home with 36  growlers including bears from Transylvania, Kamchatka and the Ukraine.  This Home called "Medveotthon" in Hungarian collected animals abandoned by people or discarded from circuses. It is better to know in advance that Dönci is the alpha male with a trifling weight of 630 kilograms. Some wolves also  live here as permanent residents.

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