Restaurant Renaissance in Visegrád

Address: H-2025 Visegrád, Fő út 11.

History: Visegrád's golden age came at the end of the 15th century, under the reign of King Matthias, when his Italian wife Beatrice helped bringing masters from her country to renew the Royal Palace and the Castle in the renaissance style. With its interior, costumes and its tasteful dishes and drinks served in earthenware, Renaissance Restaurant takes the guests arriving to Visegrád to a medieval journey unique in Hungary.

Capacity: The restaurant has five rooms of different size and interior and a seating capacity for 460 guests altogether. The terrace offers another 130 seats (partly covered with roof), featuring a breathtaking view of the Danube river.

-    Throne room (160 seats)
-    Panorama room (110 seats)
-    Traktatorium (30 seats)
-    Duna room (80 seats)
-    Wine cellar (41 seats)
-    Panorama terrace (100 seats)


Knights' Tournament

A medieval programme organized all year long, performed by the Saint George Knightly. Order in the open air theatre of the Lower Castle in Visegrád. The show is available for groups on demand from 30 attendees. For smaller groups and individual guests, it is always possible to join the booked events.

- Guests are welcomed by fanfare on arrival to the tournament.

- An introduction is told to the visitors about the history of the town and the castle, while visiting the Solomon's Tower (including exhibition rooms on request).

- The roof terrace of the tower provides an excellent view of the Danube bend, welcome drinks are served here (wine, or cocktail with freshly baked salted cookies on request)

- The performance takes place on the tournament field located next to the tower. A king and a queen are selected from the guests, they are dressed in robes and crowned by the knights.

- On the call of the king, the knights march in and show their targeting and fighting skills with medieval weapons to the royal couple and their guests. The realistic face-to-face battles recall the courage and spirit of the medieval knights in an exciting way with a bit of humour.

- Open-air performances feature the royal falconer.

- At the end of the show, guests have the opporunity to try some of the weapons with the help of the knights.

- If the tournament is followed by a royal feast in Renaissance Restaurant, guests march (torch-light in dark) to the restaurant (200 meters) led by drummers.

The tournaments are organized in Hungarian, German, English, Italian, Romanian and Russian languages. Other languages are supported with the help of the translator of the group.

The auditorium features a roof and cushioned seating capacity of 300 people, therefore it is available in all weather conditions.

During the winter period, the show is performed inside the Solomon's Tower, and guests are welcomed with hot wine or tea.

Medieval team-building competition

A team-building style competition is organized in connection with the Knights' Tournament or separately, where guests get to use different weapons of the age with the help of the knights.

- During the competition, guests are divided into teams and get clothes of different colours.

- Teams have to fight for points at different stations located in the Lower Castle.

- The stations of the team-building competition are the following: Archery, Targeting with spear, Target with broadsword, Shooting with battle star, Climbing of the castle wall on rope, Riding the wooden horse, Wreath throwing on the edge of sword.

During the competition, refreshment drinks are available between the stations.

After calculating the total points of the teams, the results are announced and the awards are handed over to the winning team.

Medieval team-building is available for up to 150 participants, in case of larger groups all those guests not taking part in the competitions cheer for their favourite teams from the stand.

Royal Palace

- Visiting of the illustrious, beautifully reconstructed Royal Palace of Visegrád with professional guiding and catering on request.

- Visiting the reconsturcted inner court of the palace and its unique exhibition rooms offers attending guests an unmatched experience.

In addition, the palace is an outstanding location for welcoming guests arriving to Visegrád, for which they offer the following options:
- Cockail party at the terrace of the palace with a view of the Danube with cocktails and freshly baked Hungarian pogácsa (salted cookies) in different flavours (mushrooms, bacon, etc.)
- Coffee and cakes at the Palace Café
- Winter season: hot wine and freshly baked pogácsa in one of the halls of the palace

Guests entering the palace are greeted by fanfare players.

After dark the Royal Palace welcomes its guests in floodlight. If the programme is followed by a Royal Feast at Renaissance Restaurant, guests march from the palace with torches (300 meters distance).

Receptions for up to 400 pariticipants can be organized in the palace.

Winter nights - A walk in the Royal Palace

You are invited to a special evening tour at the reconstructed, floodlit Royal Palace of Visegrád.

- Arrival to the floodlit Royal Palace, reception with torches and trumpets - the spectacular view of the Upper Castle with lights in the evening is part of the Visegrád experience.

- Brief explanation of the historical monuments located in the Palace, e.g. Hercules Fountain.

- Entry to the inner court of the palace, where guests are served hot wine, freshly baked salted cookies, or freshly roasted chestnuts.

- The history of the Palace is told to the guests by the guide in hungarian, english or german languages, followed by the visit of the (heated) exhibition rooms and the loggia looking over to the Danube.

- Selection and crowning of a king and a queen from the guests - the royal couple gets dressed up in robes and lead the group marching with torches and drummers to the location of the Royal Feast, the Renaissance Restaurant (330 yards).

- On request, the fire-eater of the royal court entertains the guests with his show at the Palace.

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